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New Incomming hot products available in store, To name a few, Sassafras Strain, Himalaya Vape Cartridges, Supherb Distillate Vape Pen, Green Dragons Southern Belle. Click below and visit our shop to see all

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Green Dragon Genetics

Award-winning cultivators deliver fresh, indoor-grown cannabis straight from the farm. Explore top-tier cannabis flowers, THC vapes, edibles, and more for rapid relief. Green Dragon Caregivers stands among California’s finest dispensaries. We offer a wide range of products for an enjoyable experience. You might be familiar with some famous strains like; Dulce Secreto, Def Star Strain, Milkshakez, Fuego and more

Southern Belle Green dragon strain.

Price Match

We have strong conviction in offering the most competitive pricing in the market. In fact, if you come across an identical item of the same strain and quality being offered at a lower price by another cannabis dispensary, we’ll not only match it but have a proven track record of doing so.

Quality Delivery & Assurance

Every one of our cultivators and brand providers adheres rigorously to the most stringent protocols. There are no pesticides used, extended curing periods are standard practice, and all varieties undergo in-house testing to guarantee that you receive top-notch quality before they are dispatched to retailers.

Committed Clients

We take great satisfaction in our distinctive role within the community and highly value the confidence our clients have entrusted in us. Our relentless commitment is to deliver unparalleled customer assistance and excellence in our field

Muha Meds Disposable Vape

Muha Meds disposable vape pens are designed for THC oil delivery, renowned for its psychoactive effects. Based in California, the brand emphasizes high quality, potency, and discretion. These disposables, with a 1-gram capacity, ceramic coil, and 500mAh battery, position Muha Meds Bars as a leading legacy vape brand in the industry, embodying a complete lifestyle brand with a THC content of 91.23%. With Popular flavors like Banana Cream Pie, Papaya Live Maverick, Diamond Peaches, Mango Chelo 1 and more click below

Starburst Runtz Muha Meds Disposable

Seven Leaves Cannabis

Located in Sacramento, Seven Leaves has transformed Cannabis into a work of art. In a cutting-edge facility, they craft premium adult-use cannabis without employing pesticides. Experience their latest strain, Sassafras, an uplifting hybrid blend. At Seven Leaves, we’ve skillfully created this balanced hybrid with a distinctive flavor profile featuring earthy and sudsy undertones. Other High rated strains below; Street Heat Seven Leaves, Violent Fog Seven Leaves, OG Slush Seven Leaves, Envy Seven Leaves Strain,

seven leaves weed strains

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"Best service rendered and even better customer service. Lost story short, I lost order’s details and panicked but it was resolved very easily and fast. And Yeah the Weed Quality is Unmatched."
Harrold Morrson
Houston - TX
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  • Zkittlez Raw Garden

    Zkittlez | Live Resin Raw Garden Pen 0.5G (500Mg)

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  • turn disposable carts

    TurnPen Disposable Carts Full Gram

    Tokyo Pink Rosé
    Neon nectar
    Havana Colada
    Hollywood & Chai
    Hot Girl Summer
    Vanilla lavender latte
    Peaches N cream
    Dragonfruit açaí
    White Gummy Bear
    Cherry Vanilla Kush
    Donut Shop
    Berry Dreamy
    Mango x Guava OG
    Kiwi spiked punch
    Granddaddy purp
    Gelato Paradiso
    Sour apple seltzer
    Watermelon sugar
    Lemonade Stand
    Strawberry Haze
    Gone bananas
    Unicorn party
    GMO Cookies
    Lemon cherry gelato
    lemon fuel
    Pink Lemonade
    SFV OG
    Sour Tangie
    Crenshaw Melon
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  • Trinity Mushrooms Appearance

    Trinity | Magic Mushroom Strain – 1 Oz

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  • Sale! The God Molecule 5-MeO DMT Cartridge

    The God Molecule 5-MeO DMT Cartridge Vape .5ml Purecybin

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